Extra Curriculum Activity

RJSPM’s Institute of Pharmacy organises cultural programmes every year to give an efficient platform to the student to present their extracurricular qualities. Extracurricular activities increase opportunities for social interaction and new relationship development. As most of these activities are group-oriented which have students from different branches, which gives them a chance to know more about people of different passions and cultures.

Besides, this they can also find clubs or groups that share similar social, religious or even entertainment interest for socialization. Interaction with people of different backgrounds helps in development of interpersonal skills of students.

Prof. Gurav R. M.

Extracurricular Inchage

RJSPM’s Institute of Pharmacy has taken various extracurricular activities, in that some of these had combinely organised with RJSPM’s educational campus, Dudulgaon and Bhosari, to create well developed professionals. These extracurricular activities include Independence Day, Orientation Programme, Fresher’s Party, Yoga Day, World Pharmacist Day, Bhondla, VachanPrerna Din, Annual Social gathering, SPANDAN, Republic Day, Marathi BhashaDivasSend off Party etc.

RJSPM’s Institute of Pharmacy also provide a healthy platform for Sports. Every year we actively participate in IPA outdoor & indoor Sports and also organized Chess, Carom competition etc.

Cultural Activities

Gurupornima 2019

Independance Day

Social Activities

Blood Donation

Sport Activities 2019